My name is, well, Eric James Peterson and I play drums. I do a bunch of other stuff, too. But, mainly I play drums. I'm in a couple of bands that play out, so, if you want to see me play drums, take a gander at the homepage for dates!   Lately, I've been making a racket with STARS TURN ME ON and THE JAMES DURBIN EXPERIENCE.
  I got my first Drum Kit at the ripe old age of 8 and haven't stopped playing since. I studied with whoemever crossed my path and played any and all types of music that came my way. Classic rock. Hair Metal. Fusion. A healthy dose of Pop and Country. All manner of "Battles of the Bands" and pick-up gigs up and down the Central Valley of California.
  About the time I was 17, however I got approached by the boys in THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB and my musical life took an interesting turn, to say the least. On and off for the next 17 years we would see endless touring and recording, releasing some seminal tunage along the way (see the GUMMO soundtrack for what I'm talking about).
  Throughout the years I've performed with many great folks, spreading out to handle some Hip-Hop, Quirky Dance and Garage Rock production. If you'd like to check any of it out, here's some links to bands and projects I have been associated with.


                DARK MATTER NOISE  / FICTITIOUS